Welcome to the site dedicated to Ragdoll Cats. Hope that you will find here your future favorite pet.

We are very strong with our ethics and commitment and are dedicated to breeding Ragdolls that are big and healthy along with having the friendly, loving, affectionate personalities and attributes known to the breed.

There is no doubt that you will fall in love with the Ragdoll just like we have. It’s not just us, but everyone who meets them. They have so much to offer and will bring you happiness, laughter and an unconditional love and friendship. PLEASE NOTE: It is very important that your Ragdoll is an "Indoor" cat, as they are generally non-aggressive and would not defend themselves against the outdoor world.

Ragdolls are known for their silky, rabbit-like fur (that surprisingly sheds very little), bright blue eyes (in the pointed pattern) and their laid-back, docile personalities. As their name suggests, Ragdolls are so easy going that they’ll let a child carry them around the house like a, well, rag doll.

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