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Welcome to the site dedicated to Ragdoll Cats. Hope that you will find here your future favorite pet.


The Ragdoll is a large, semi-longhaired cat, with gorgeous blue eyes. As the name suggests they are a floppy cat that loves a cuddle and ‘flop – go limp’ when you pick them up. Their coat is said to be non-matting, rabbit like but if you disregard it, knots can appear, especially under the front and hind legs.

Ragdolls have a superbly gentle, laid-back temperament that are totally devoted to their owners. As kittens they are full of life and inquisitive and as they mature they become very loving, trusting cats that follow their owners everywhere. They become puppy-like and even learn to come to their name. They love human company and because of their gentle loving temperament are an indoor cat only.